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Berg’s Active Engagement Programme

Consultancy for Teams’ and Individuals’ Performance

Build a motivated and efficient team instead of a group of people who are just doing their job! 

“I am here to help you and your team acquire new leadership levels and reach a harmonious and productive work environment.”

Berg's Active Engagement Programme aims to improve the well-being of individuals and increase the overall performance of your company.

The Programme offers a holistic approach to meet the human capital requirements of the 21st century and thus improved commitment of individuals at work.

Berg's Active Engagement Programme is making your company more efficient by motivating your human capital through a unique combination of change management, team building, coaching, quality and risk management tools.

1) Enroll your team in team performance training :

  • Transparency in internal communication and awareness of the corporate culture 

  • Communication style awareness

  • Sensitize teams to the individual communication style and reveal bottlenecks.

  • Non-verbal or silent communication

  • Importance of non-verbal leadership and honesty

2) Support your company in re-thinking your entire company culture and processes with the objective to meet the requirements of the future :

- find out if your structure is agile enough to respond quickly to unforeseen challenges,

- train your employees to be able to embrace sudden changes easily

- develop awareness of your risk environment

The goal is to (re-)define your company processes for improved internal efficiency indicators and overall company performance in the long term.


The role of the coach is to accompany an individual or a group during a process of reflection and discussion in order to maximise the personal and professional potential.

The coach is neither advisor nor psychologist, but more of a catalyst who assists the individual or the group to find their best possible answers.

Horse Assisted Leadership Learning

Horses as sparring partners for the horse assisted leadership learning, where the non-verbal communication and general behavior patterns are in the foreground.

The importance of non-verbal leadership and honesty is demonstrated in this module.

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Sparring Partners of the "horse assisted leadership learning" module:

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