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Founder Dorothee Berg has worked for over 20 years in both the private and public sectors in financial leadership roles that have taught her to listen carefully to verbal and non-verbal signals in human interactions.

She found that despite technological advances and work-facilitation tools, including the automation of repetitive tasks, individuals were not always more motivated or happier, which had an impact on the company's productivity.

She had always been passionate about the human aspect, having completed her first university degree in human resources management before deepening her knowledge of financial and business management by completing a Master's degree in economics. She then obtained qualifications as a chartered certified accountant, certified professional executive coach and mental coach for athletes.

During that time, she realized that the human side was more or less neglected. She observed that ad hoc efforts were being made in organizations. Apparently not enough. This was demonstrated by the result of the study on the state of the global workplace published by the Gallup Institute in 2017, which concluded that only 15% of employees worldwide were motivated and engaged with their work. The remaining 85% were more or less disengaged with their workstations and thus generated a productivity loss of USD 7 million billion ("trillions").

Inspired by this Gallup Employee Engagement Study, Dorothee Berg developed the "Berg's Active Engagement Programme" to address disengagement at the workplace.

Her 20 years of experience have taught her to listen carefully to verbal and non-verbal signals in human interactions. In addition, her hearing loss has made her more receptive, attentive and able to interpret non-verbal language, which represents 80% of our communications. More than 30 years of contact with horses have given her the extra sensitivity to understand non-verbal and honest communication.

She is here to help you and your teams to break the disengagement and improve individuals’ and teams’ performance.

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